Prices shown are per dozen, unless otherwise stated.

Smoked Salmon on Wholemeal Bread7.00
Canapees – Mini Vol-au-vents: Assorted Fillings9.00
Pate on Wholemeal Bread6.50
Cocktail Sausages (per 100)12.99
Cocktail Sausages (Special Offer 500)50.00
Cocktail Sausage Roll5.00
Breaded Chicken Goujons10.99
Breaded Chicken Drumsticks12.00
Southern fried chicken goujons10.99
Southern fried chicken drumsticks12.00
Southern fried chicken bites7.99
Chicken wings spicy6.99
Chicken wings – BBQ6.99
Stuffed Rashers6.99
Lamb grill sticks10.50
Mini pizza slices meat/vegetarian7.50
Mini potato pies/cheese and onion6.75
Southern fried mushrooms6.00
Spring rolls6.75
Stuffed mushrooms6.00
White fish goujons10.99
Childrens Selection5.00
Home-made Quiches6.9914.99

Set Menus

Menu 1 (25 people)

25 Assorted Sandwiches, 150 Cocktail Sausages, Mixed Chicken Platter of Wings, Goujons & Southern Fried Chicken Bites and Party cakes.

Menu 2 (50 people)

50 Assorted Sandwiches, 300 Cocktail Sausages, Mixed Chicken Platter, Vegetarian Selection & Party Cakes

Menu 3 (80 people)

80 Assorted Sandwiches, 500 Cocktail Sausage, Southern Fried Chicken Bites, Chicken Wings & Party Cakes

Menu 4 (min. 25 people – €10 per head)

**Minimum Order of 25**
Assorted Sandwiches, Mixed Chicken Tray, Mini Potato Pies, Smoked Salmon on Wholemeal Bread, Vegetarian Selection & Party Cakes

Special Party Offer

100 Assorted Sandwiches, 500 Cocktail Sausages & 10 doz. Southern Fried Chicken Bites