Meats & Fish

Boned & Rolled Stuffed Chicken10.00
Baked ham – half45.00
Baked ham – whole80.00
Turkey breast – half55.00
Turkey breast – whole75.00
Turkey breast stuffed – half60.00
Turkey breast stuffed – whole80.00
Roast beef50.00
Mixed meat platter75.00
Fresh Irish Salmon65.00


Our freshly made salads are available in 3 sizes for your convenience:

Small (~10 portions) €12.00
Medium (~20 portions) €18.00
Large (~30 portions) €28.00

Carrot salad

Carrot, sultanas, cranberries and pumpkin seeds.

Potato salad
Curried rice
Tomato salad
Healthy vegetable salad

A selection of seasonal vegetables in a sweet chilli dressing.

Chickpea salad
Pasta salad
Celery and apple
Pasta salad with ham & mushrooms
Waldorf salad

Celery, apple, sultanas, carrot & walnuts in a yoghurt dressing.

Tossed salad

A selection of lettuce leaves, cucumber, tomatoes & red onion.

Prawn salad

Medium size only

Cous cous salad
Triple rice salad
Oriental egg noodle salad
Broccoli, carrot & cashew nut salad

Cold Plates

Made to order Plate

A choice of turkey or ham, plus three salads with wholemeal bread/white roll.

Chicken Cold Plate9.50
Prawn Cold Plate10.50


We have a large selection of artisan breads available instore.
Freshly made sandwichesAssortment of fillings €3.60 each 10 or more €3.30 each3.60
Gluten free sandwichesAssortment of fillings4.50
Freshly made wrapsAssortment of fillings4.50
Wholemeal breadCut with butter pats, 10 portions4.50
French SticksCut with butter pats, 20 portions4.00
Crusty RollsPrice per 5 rolls1.50