The price below is per person unless otherwise stated. Main courses and desserts are further down the page.

Homemade Soup3.00
Homemade Soup with Wholemeal Bread3.50
Garlic Bread (20 Portions)6.99
Stuffed Mushrooms (one dozen)6.00
King Size Vol-au-vent: Mushroom3.00
King Size Vol-au-vent: Chicken & Mushroom3.50
King Size Vol-au-vent: Prawn4.50


Multi-portion dishes, all served with rice in a foil dish suitable for reheating in a domestic oven. Please Note: there is a minimum order of 8 portions.

Chicken curry9.00
Beef Stroganoff9.00
Chicken in white wine9.00
Thai green chicken curry9.00
Chicken balls in sweet and sour sauce9.00
Multiple portion dishes, approximately 12 portions per dish.
Homemade Lasagne – Meat35.00
Homemade Lasagne – Vegetarian35.00
Homemade Shepherds Pie35.00
Homemade Potato Gratin30.00
Homemade Lasagne – Gluten free45.00


Fresh Fruit Pavlova11.0021.00
Meringue Nests Filled3.00
Fresh Fruit Salad25.00
Fresh Mandarin Gateau15.0057.00
Fresh Black Forest Gateau15.0057.00
Homemade Sherry Trifle25.00
Homemade Tea Cake15.0030.00
Apple Sponge8.4510.00
Selection of party size cakes (per doz.)11.50
Mini éclairs (per doz.)11.50
Mini profiteroles (per doz.)7.50
Petit fours (box of 50)32.00
Mini cup cakes (box of 50)32.00